Chapter 5 “Communicating Nonverbally” Blog

I actually observed myself at close range in order to understand how my body gestures, hand movements, and facial expressions accentuated what I was saying when speaking to myself. I pretty much believe that the same would go for speaking to someone else. Using hand movements, body gestures, and facial expressions allows a person to add extra expression to what they are saying. This is exactly what I was doing. I have never seen, nor could I see myself, speaking to another person without somehow waving my hands, raising my eyebrows, smiling or frowning. All of these expressions and movements are very essential to getting my point across. Body language has a very, very important role in society. I choose to use body language to the fullest when I’m trying to communicate with someone without using words.

I understand how linguistic anthropologists carefully distinguish between spoken language (speech) and written language. In Haiti, for example, every Haitian citizen speaks and comprehends Haitian Creole. As far as writing and being able to read Haitian Creole is concerned, there are not many who can write it, much less write it effortlessly and without fault. Spoken language is something that almost naturally is adapted by us as humans since we are babies and toddlers. We’re so used to making sounds and trying to form words at that age. Writing is a totally different thing. Babies and toddlers are taught to write with a lot more effort than it takes to “teach” a baby or a toddler to speak. Writing is an art within itself. This is why we have audio programs like “Hooked on Phonics” for children (and even for older adults who have never had the chance to learn to read and write) for this very purpose: learning to write.


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