Chapter 6 “The Development and Evolution of Language” Blog

An article on expressed that there are many similarities between humans and chimps. I’m pretty sure that the followers of Darwinism would be thrilled to hear this! Apparently, chimpanzees can grasp the English pretty well and use these words at will. Apparently, according to the website, chimpanzees and humans have very similar brain patterns when it comes to communicating. Speech is not the only thing that is similar between chimpanzees and humans. . . chimpanzees also are very adept at using body language and gesturing. I feel like the only thing that would distinguish us from the chimpanzees would be to what extent they are able to speak. I don’t think that chimpanzees can really hold a full on conversation with a human nor become completely multilingual. Although this is the information that I have collected and summarized from the website, I would not rule out chimpanzees being able to fully communicate with humans in the English language. I do think that one day chimpanzees will be able to speak very fluidly and easily.

The “British and World Dictionary” describes pre-language as “prior to the emergence  of language” and proto-language as “a hypothetical undocumented parent language from which actual languages are derived”. So, from these definitions, it seems as if pre-language is referring to the time before speech. Maybe this is referring to the grunts, body movements, gestures, etc. that prehistoric humans were doing before there was ‘constructed language’. Proto-language is definitely referring to exactly what it’s saying because every language supposedly descended from a parent language. An example of this would be Latin being the parent language, or the proto-language, of French, Spanish, Romanian, etc. Yes, it is my belief that every language descended from somewhere, perhaps even a principal, parent language that was stated. I am not sure where prelanguage became full-fledged language but that is definitely something that I will research and do a future blog on.


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